Koko Designs

Sacred Sands of Our Land

event branding, t-shirts, booklet, tickets, posters, digital signage, illustration

With all of the things happening in the news about Mauna Kea and the Keystone Pipeline, Hui o Hawaii chose the theme, Sacred Sands of Our Land, for their 45th annual lua’u to show their solidarity in the fight for indigenous rights.

Hui o Hawaii wanted a strong illustrative piece that showcased the strength of Kanaka Maori (Native Hawaiian) people as well as the beauty of the Hawaiian islands and hula.

The final design shows a woman performing a traditional hula kahiko in front of the Koʻolau mountains. I was highly inspired by the 2016 Miss Aloha Hula, Kayli Ka'iulani Carr and watched a lot of Merrie Monarch performances for reference.