Koko Designs

Cameron Hawaii

Uncharted Waters

When I started working for Cameron Hawaii last July, I had no clue where it would take me.

I had just been forced back home due to of my inability to find a full-time job right after college. "I can only support you for two more weeks," my mother said over the phone. I argued that I could find a part-time job and make things work. "I know I can do this... I just need more time," I told her. But it was no use. My single mother of four didn't have much resources. 

So, I packed up my bags and left San Francisco, the city of my dreams. With student loans looming over me and my family hounding me, I was running out of time (and money).

I felt hopeless. 

One day I was sitting in a local mall, taking up space and wifi desperately applying to design jobs in Hawaii. 


Colleen Barrett