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Colleen K. P. Barrett is a graphic designer with a thing for Asian American Studies working in San Francisco.


I'm Colleen, but some people call me Koko. 


My name is Colleen Kiyoko Pualani Barrett.

Kiyoko represents my Japanese American culture. 

Pualani embodies my roots in Hawai'i Nei. 

Hapa is what I am. A person of partial Asian descent.

My love for design began as a child. I was often the only student in my class absurdly ecstatic about the upcoming poster project or powerpoint presentation. Yup, I was that kid.

Today, I find joy in creating visualizations through observations, research, and personal experiences. I believe that successful designs require genuine curiosity and collaboration.

When I'm not designing, I'm dancing in my room (or at UC Berkeley), scavenging through a used bookstore, geeking out about Asian American studies, or petting a cat. 



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